Property Crowdfunding with the guys from UOWN


With interest rates being low for a number of years, many of our clients are looking for new and interesting ways to invest the cash in their companies, making it work rather than sat dormant in the bank.

Leeds-headquartered UOWN has been established by brothers Shaan, 26, and Haaris Ahmed, 23. They have coined the term ‘proven performer’ to describe off-market rental properties which have yielded strong returns for a minimum of ten years.

The investment in Leeds offer low purchase prices, high rental yields and the promise of better capital growth than the South. With the buy-to-let squeeze and rock-bottom interest rates, over 1,000 eagle-eyed investors have signed up already. The first fully-funded property attracted 92 investors, buying an average £2,000 stake in a £189,000 house.

UOWN’s ability to provide access to ‘proven performers’ is down to its relationship with sister company, Parklane Group.

Founded 40 years ago, the £15m turnover Group owns and operates more than 2,000 student and professional beds across the country. Also based in Leeds, Parklane Group sources and manages UOWN’s properties, uniquely integrating both the ‘proven performer’ property ‘hardware’ required for investment with UOWN’s ‘software’ in the shape of its online portal.

UOWN director, Shaan Ahmed, commented: “UOWN aims to give millennials a foothold in a property market widely condemned as inaccessible for an entire generation. We provide peace of mind for those thinking about buy-to-let, but concerned about the hassle and expense it will bring. And anyone looking to potentially achieve a six per cent or more return on their money now has a more than viable alternative to invest in, especially in the current climate of ultra-low interest rates.”

Haaris added: “Our vision for UOWN goes way beyond providing innovative, accessible investment opportunities for all. We intend to expand the business across the UK with the aim of becoming a private rental sector property developer, funded by our investors.  This will enable us to provide them with further investment opportunities whilst simultaneously delivering accessible homes to help ease the UK’s chronic housing shortage. We expect to be able to provide further announcements on this and other exciting UOWN initiatives in the near future.”

Investing in UOWN or any other investment involves risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Potential investors are asked to read and understand UOWN’s full risk warning before investing in any of the properties listed on the platform.  Before undertaking any investments, we would strongly recommend seeking the advice of a regulated financial adviser.  We are authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants to give investment advice and suggest contacting our Wealth Management team on or 0113 234 0000 to discuss.

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